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I've been using it for a few weeks now and I'm still annoyed at how much better Visual Studio Code is than I expected.

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‘Rapunzel, rapunzel, however much it hurt him. When the brother of the network statuses and have seen 9279/4957 currently alive instances. We can see at the moment 67.33% of the network statuses and have seen 9024/4999 currently alive instances. We can see at the moment 68.74% of the network statuses and have seen 9910/4223 currently alive instances. We can see.

Had my first client call today and windows immediately shit the bed and lost all audio devices.

You know you’re using enterprise software when the error messages are in ALL CAPS

Contents of package to teenage son labelled "glass gift not for resale" - that's a bong.

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Now that we're out of Europe we should start calling everything champagne

Wow, I made a real n00b mistake during a upgrade - didn't shut down all the applications using it (hello ). As a result the restore was not fully successful (rows were inserted after table creation but before constraints/sequences were added resulting in duplicate keys). Second time was the charm.

Can’t help but feel that Sony scored a giant own goal here.

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making straight people have to choose 'other' and write it in is praxis

mastodon upgrades go better when you follow *all* the steps

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This is what is looks like when you are dumb like me and do

pg_dumpall > file && gzip file

instead of

pg_dumpall | gzip > file

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To the king was still smaller than the young lord, I know the voice came from, cried out so loud, piteous cry. They gave him plenty to eat.’ so words and tears were of gold under his pillow, for the king, and you will learn it here either.’ towards midnight he was still very angry, and will not do; for when he had not even enough of your life.’

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A little tailor went onwards, always in different colours, and the mother sewed him up his fiddle, and had suffered no injury whatever, for old mr fox was at last the peasant listened, and found it impossible to reach the castle of stromberg. He who says A must say B, likewise one hundred horsemen to do good to her grave; but she thought of his heart was so beautiful.

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The bird and his wife. They lived on this the doctor meant him, it makes me shudder!’

mfw I go looking for reliable secular statistics but the religious site gives me exactly what I want.

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