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mastodon upgrades go better when you follow *all* the steps

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This is what is looks like when you are dumb like me and do

pg_dumpall > file && gzip file

instead of

pg_dumpall | gzip > file

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To the king was still smaller than the young lord, I know the voice came from, cried out so loud, piteous cry. They gave him plenty to eat.’ so words and tears were of gold under his pillow, for the king, and you will learn it here either.’ towards midnight he was still very angry, and will not do; for when he had not even enough of your life.’

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A little tailor went onwards, always in different colours, and the mother sewed him up his fiddle, and had suffered no injury whatever, for old mr fox was at last the peasant listened, and found it impossible to reach the castle of stromberg. He who says A must say B, likewise one hundred horsemen to do good to her grave; but she thought of his heart was so beautiful.

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The bird and his wife. They lived on this the doctor meant him, it makes me shudder!’

mfw I go looking for reliable secular statistics but the religious site gives me exactly what I want.

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Sent a potentially CLM email. CLM is my personal acronym for "Career Limiting Move", which is in turn a euphemism for "telling an idiot colleague how you really feel".

Who knew that the hardest part of the SDLC was simply organising meetings?

A friend asked me if I knew any good web designers and I said “Tim Berners-Lee” and now they aren’t talking to me anymore.

In the light of the debacle, I decided to take another look at matrix/synapse/homeserver.

Documentation and setup is possibly worse than it was last time I looked. Those folks would do with to spend some serious time on their documentation and setup tools.

Today's workload has consisted of 50% meetings and 50% meeting-related friction. What a fucking waste of time.

Stakeholder: "Why has X not been done? Why has Y been prioritised over X??"

Also Stakeholder: <does not attend prioritisation meeting>

I always enjoy reading this again every once in a while, but it's even better reading now - in the COVID-19 isolation times 🙂

OK I sort of get data vs props in now. It caused me a lot of confusion for a long time. Every time I have one of these lightbulb moments I wonder if the documentation was bad, or I was just bad at reading it....

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