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Sent a potentially CLM email. CLM is my personal acronym for "Career Limiting Move", which is in turn a euphemism for "telling an idiot colleague how you really feel".

Who knew that the hardest part of the SDLC was simply organising meetings?

A friend asked me if I knew any good web designers and I said “Tim Berners-Lee” and now they aren’t talking to me anymore.

In the light of the debacle, I decided to take another look at matrix/synapse/homeserver.

Documentation and setup is possibly worse than it was last time I looked. Those folks would do with to spend some serious time on their documentation and setup tools.

Today's workload has consisted of 50% meetings and 50% meeting-related friction. What a fucking waste of time.

Stakeholder: "Why has X not been done? Why has Y been prioritised over X??"

Also Stakeholder: <does not attend prioritisation meeting>

I always enjoy reading this again every once in a while, but it's even better reading now - in the COVID-19 isolation times 🙂

OK I sort of get data vs props in now. It caused me a lot of confusion for a long time. Every time I have one of these lightbulb moments I wonder if the documentation was bad, or I was just bad at reading it....

In what world does it make sense for my boss to call me at 8:30 and then send me a text to say he’s still on leave until tomorrow?

Not really sure what to do with them now. It's too late in the year for them to grow successfully. I thought the birds would eat the seeds but apparently not. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I harvested a bunch of sunflower seeds and left them out for the birds. They got a good soak and now it’s a tray of germination 🤗

The amount of friction I encounter every-single-week just getting paid is truly mind-boggling. I'm a bog-standard 38 hour, salaried employee, no overtime, no expenses, no holidays. Here I am, wasting a significant chunk of those 38 filling out a timesheet, in excel, every fucking fortnight.

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