Got sad that isn’t a home for open source assassination software.

ok. Going to music festival tonight. Because of ditching the facebook, no idea who's going to be there that I know. Not sure I am too fussed? 🤷

I can’t wait until it becomes trendy to serve food on a plate again, instead of on a fucking plank.

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I don't visit Pinterest very often but my nieces have an Instax so I thought hey, I bet Pinterest has ideas on that but it turns out Pinterest's ads are alllllll about yoga pants and bras and such so doing a search on Instax is basically "camera camera BUTT camera CLEAVAGE camera camera camera BUTT camera" and that is why I don't visit Pinterest very often.

TardisX boosted after the obvious thoughts I start to wonder if maybe humans just shouldn't be able to talk to a lot of other humans at once

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Hello fiction lovers! So, while it's not complete, I'm running out of excuses (except for fear) to not let the outside world try out my experiment in online flash fiction competitions. It's a work in progress, but a usable one, and I would totally dig your feedback. And your boosts too! 😍

@vantablack Pokémon? You have to hold some buttons down when the game starts. Make sure you light a candle for the monsters you’re about to obliterate first.

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Well shenzhen I am here! Heading to seeed studios to ask questions about their mediatek 2502 so.. Any clues anyone about better socs with open architectures?

@Dawnwiener you look tired but happy. Jelly about your adventure!

Restored a file from backups. The system works.

Listening to kids radio with my 4yr old and she’s asking me why there isn’t a muffin girl as well as a muffin man.

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