Last night at the supermarket some random lady patted my daughters "beautiful hair" and I'm fucking furious with myself for not wanting to make a scene.

I should have made a fucking scene.

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I will not be happy until FB is no more.

Twitter is a conflagration of dumpsters, but FB is a lawful evil entity.

I won't rest until they are gone.

What is the upper bound on the number of times you lead the horse to water before you decide that it is incapable of drinking?

I make a few of these a day, and it infuriates me how rarely I can produce anything this good.

I love it when the CSS doesn’t load and you’re instantly transported to the web in 1993.

Always gratifying when, after a long, fruitless search for the tool you need, you find that making the tool yourself is easier than expected and works better than hoped

I’m nearly out of Christmas themed toilet paper.

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So I watched the death scene, and it pissed me off just as much as I expected it to. Really, GoT isn't a show, it's a catalog of how to brutalize women in Renaissance LARP drag.

I'm not sure what the *right* time is to tell people you are late for their meeting, but I'm pretty sure the *wrong* time is after the meeting start time.

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But seriously: "NSFW" as a category so remarkably means specifically "no nudity". It means now that 'work' is tied to a very specific morality stance, one that a lot of communities don't actually hold.

The dissonance is really weird. It plays into a really Christian mindset about business, and it underscores how capital and religion are intertwined.

Put the wrong container into my lunch box today. Anticipation of leftover spag bol replaced with disgust at 3 week old rice pudding.

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a bunch of techbros threw a shit fit about python replacing all occurrences of master/slave terminology with parent/worker last year and they did it anyway which owns

Got sad that isn’t a home for open source assassination software.

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