We just released our years long project, Utopias: utopias.aaasoftwa.re/

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In the kitchen today there was a discussion about the merits of cat ownership and I interjected with “it sounds like you’re weighing up the purrs and cons of having a cat” and everyone left the room.

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it's a bird!
it's a plane!
it's... GAMES MADE QUICK??? 2.0
🎮 itch.io/jam/games-made-quick-2 🎮

while you're watching AGDQ all week and feeling guilty about not doing anything useful, why not make a video games? now with a discord!

btw I am Nick, the Berlin one, and @tardisx is doing experiments with their own Mastodon server.

The ppl's Mastodon

A private instance for @tardisx and others