@tardisx had dinner on willow ware tonight and thought of you... was thinking about your post on dinner plates VS planks!!

Well shenzhen I am here! Heading to seeed studios to ask questions about their mediatek 2502 so.. Any clues anyone about better socs with open architectures?

@tardisx .. @NewtonMark Learnt about tuples today in my daily challenge. How the hell do you say tuple without sounding like you're talking about . a new character in the muppets?

Hey .. you distracted me! Also .. hi mark! @NewtonMark you and justin are the only folks I know here.

Anyone got any .vimrc python or javascript config snips of brilliance ? Sitting in a balinese hotel room playing with python functions feels more fun than sticking my head into the humid day.

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How do you stop Canadian bacon from curling in the pan? 

My mate Belinda Robertson and I powered through the day, dealing with a dog crisis and talked about how she should stay away from hebel - a building material. After getting landed with the crisis (nearly melted me. she managed like a total boss) we decided we were having a hebel of a freaking day. Seeing shaz @fino and her socks helped.

What a freaking hebel.

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changing my avatar to a girl to get more followers as well as an appalling online experience

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